About us


CBIDO exist of an  Executive secretary (1), who is in charge of the daily operations, an Accountant (1) in charge of the financial administration, five CBR Facilitators (5), who are working 4 days a week in the villages to do assessments of children at entrance , follow up or at exit and train the guardians and village rehabilitation workers in assisting the children in the best way. Next to that they also meet with local leaders, schools and visit village meetings to create awareness and improve the living conditions on a community level. CBIDO also has one Physiotherapist (1), who visits the children partly at home and partly receives them in the centre for therapies. One Data and records management officer (1), who is a trainee, working on all data collection and evaluation of them to be able to give the right services and work on strategies on preventive measurements. In the centre we have a small Polytechnic, offering a 1 year training with two Trainers (2) in tailoring and leather production. The Support staff (3), a cook, cleaner and a guard are assisting in the centre. In the 20 villages within the program we have Village Rehabilitation Workers (20), who are volunteers and visit all children within their village on a regular basis.

The board

Our Board has ten members (10), with persons from different stakeholders, like the local government and the Anglican Church. The board is overseeing the management of CDIDO. They meet 3 times per year.