Our work

CBR and CBID approach

CBIDO is using the CBID approach, Community Based Inclusive Development. This is an approach which is person centred and community focussed. Our work is based on the CBR, Community based Rehabilitation model shown down here, using the 5 pillars. This model is looking holistically at the Child and the fields to work on to reach a full inclusive life.

CBIDO is doing an assessment for each child referred to them looking at these 5 pillars. These assessments are done by the CBR facilitators. Next to that also the situation of the parents is taken into account, like living conditions and economic status. For the child, their guardians/parents and the whole community an action plan is being made, how to help that individual child in the best way. Guardians are always requested to contribute according to their capability, to cost  share and being involved. After the assessment the different interventions referred to, will start in an logical order according to the highest priority. 

We work with 20 different program villages, each having around 60 children within the program. We intent to work for 4 to 5 years with each village, to have time to prepare them to be able to leave the program and continue independently. Currently we are working on a strategy for a 5-year program, for all areas, what are the final goals to meet within these years, in infrastructure, awareness, inclusive society, etc.  We work closely together with both local and regional government and existing health and educational institutions.

 Down here you will find the different areas we are working in with the different interventions.