Inclusive Education

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Inclusive Education

Goal: Education for All – Improving Access to Quality Education for Children with Disabilities.

CBIDO is insisting on the inclusive education to children with disabilities in different types of schools. Currently, CBIDO will continue supporting children with disabilities in the following ways.

Under the Current Programs children with disabilities under CBIDO support are studying in Mugeza inclusive primary school, Mugeza school for Deaf, Kaigara school with special unit,from Muleba, Nyakahanga and Maguge primary schools in Karagwe Districts, Ruhinda and Mabira secondary schools in Karagwe and Kyerwa Districts respectively.
Children in special schools are directly supported through:
• Supporting for school requirements
• Boarding fees
• Supporting for transport
• Conducting school monitoring visits

Lobby for head teachers to register children with physical disabilities in regular schools.
To be able to have access , especially for children who are physically handicaped to regular schools, CBIDO works with these schools to improve the facility, like ramps to class rooms, disability friendly toilets, and getting learning aids from the government where needed. The rest of the educational costs are covered by the parents.

From the field it has been experienced that most children with learning difficulties especially with intellectual impairment are not getting their rights to education, CBIDO is struggling for funds to at least construct in collaboration with Karagwe district council and communities classrooms for children with disabilities. In each village we intend to build at least one classroom for Children who are mentally challenged, to create an invironment they can learn in smaller groups with more attention. CBIDO will be working on securing funds to build the classroom, the community will be requested to assist with some labor and materials and the government will supply scholastic materials and teachers. The pilot has started in 2020. The goal is to start them as part of a regular school, so they can participate in games, sports and other activities with the other learners

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