CBIDO, is striving for empowerment of persons with disabilities, there several approaches/methodologies applied in ensuring persons with disabilities are empowered. This also includes awareness creation to understand for any stakeholders in the society.

Interventions empowerment

Income generating activities through Disability Associations

mobilization and capacitating Associations for persons with disabilities, linking them with local government authorities for registration and accessing of funds from the government for self-sustained future, in collaboration with District Development officer CBIDO conducts monitoring to ensure the given funds are used as planned.

Radio programs

Also CBIDO conducts radio programmes to reach many people, radio programmes are conducted weekly in both community radios, preparation of leaflet, brochures for awareness creation so that persons with disabilities are active contributors in their communities, both social and economic empowerment to persons with disabilities reduces social isolation and discrimination.

Lobbying and advocacy

CBIDO throughout all of her interventions, is doing much on advocacy and lobbying. Many parents and PWD are not heard, CBIDO is representing them and advocating for their rights. To lobby with schools for better infrastructures, and to admit CYwD, into the schools, for hospitals to get cheaper or free treatment, with the (local) government agencies, to cooperate and implement and improve laws concerning PWD.